FOR AGES 11-18

Youth at LIFE Conference is a dedicated space for anyone aged 11-18 years.

Here we will carry the heartbeat of our own youth ministries with pumping worship music, DJs, empowering messages, comps, giveaways and tribal wars as we welcome pre-teens and high-schoolers from right across our city and beyond. The youth will join in for the main sessions of LIFE Conference with dedicated Youth sessions running during the Master Classes.

Be part of the exciting atmosphere where young people experience world-class communicators that will inspire them to live connected, equipped and released to live a fulfilled life, with Christ revealing Himself in and through each individual.

This year all youth will join in for the main morning and evening sessions of LIFE Conference with each of the afternoons dedicated to Youth Conference. There will be reserved seating for all Youth Conference delegates in the main sessions.

All Youth Conference-specific sessions will be held in the BNZ Theatre at Vodafone Events Centre each afternoon of conference.

Due to the security and safety of our young people, if anyone does not have an allocated wristband they will not be let into the youth specific area. We do ask that if your young person is 15 years and under, you arrange someone to pick them up from the youth area at the end of each afternoon session. We wil have our youth team roaming an dhelping connect with all who attend the Youth sessions.

Information for Parents
Parent Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Where do I drop off my teenager?

Youth are encouraged to be a part of the morning sessions held in the main Stadium. Youth will then walk approximately 100 metres to the Theatre where our Youth Conference is held. Students will sign-in to Youth Conference (by scanning their registration band) upon arrival.

Where do I pick up my teenager?

Youth will sign-out (by scanning their registration band) once the afternoon session of Youth Conference is dismissed. Youth 15 years of age and under will progress to the ‘Parent Pick Up' Marquee - outside the Youth Conference Theatre - where parents/guardians will be required to pick up their children within 30 minutes after the last Master Class or session has finished.

As a parent/guardian you will be assigned to the youht's registration pass. You will need to show your LIFE Conference lanyard to match the ‘Parent Pick Up’ name for the Youth you are collecting. Youth 16 years and over will be dismissed directly from the Youth Conference program without the need for a parent pick-up.

All youth are encouraged to attend the evening session in the main Stadium (during this evening session they are no longer in the care of Youth Conference). We encourage parents to arrange a ‘meeting place’ with their youth if they are sitting with their peers & leaders during this session in the ‘Youth Conference Seating Zone’ (located to the front left of the main stage).
Registration Passes & Security

What if my youth forgets to bring or loses their pass?

A registration pass for a Youth Conference delegate contains a barcode which is used for both sign-in & sign-out each day. This process exists to help us endeavour to keep youth safe.

The registration pass will also be checked upon entry to both the main morning & night session in the main Stadium.

A new pass can be purchased at a replacement fee from the Conference Information Desk area.

Is there a leader allocated to my youth?

We have youth leaders throughout the sessions, so youth have a connection point. We also have a volunteer leadership team that are encouraged to be looking out for students on their own to be included.

Can my youth leave Youth Conference throughout the day?

For safety purposes we require all youth to stay a part of the programme from start to finish.

Should your youth be required to leave for any reason throughout the day, we do request that a parent/guardian be contacted via one of our pastors or key team for approval.

Youth are required to sign-in at our Youth Conference programme upon arrival each day & sign-out at the conclusion of the Youth Conference programme, before heading to the night session in the main Stadium. Any youth under the age of 16 will not be granted permission to leave without a parent/guardian present OR a signed permission note that specifies the name of an over 18 year old who will be responsible for collecting them.

Will there be security?

Youth Conference will have both paid & volunteer security on site throughout the duration of our program.


We recommend where possible not to bring valuables, however any valuables brought will be the responsibility of the individual who brings them.