LIFE Conference 2018 will be a conference like you’ve never seen before. We’ve moved it slightly earlier in the year to a time when our leadership, ministry and Master Class audience can be joined by our young people and children - truly making this a conference for the entire church! The Master Classes reflect LIFE’s four focus model—Church, Community, Business and Kingdom—each carrying a commitment to build the local church and enable individuals to live out their unique calling. All Master Classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and are a distinctive aspect of LIFE Conference, offering a window into our expression of church. This year, Youth will join LIFE Conference for main sessions, with specific Youth sessions running concurrently with Master Classes. Kids at LIFE Conference will offer a fun-filled programme for the full Conference.
We see church as a place to call home. An open door, that extends to everyone who desires to discover and develop a real relationship with a loving and grace filled God. This Master Class will give you the opportunity to learn how we do church, with two overall options of Ministry Development and Personal Development.
We see the needs of those in our community as a priority. Our mission is to help those facing real challenges in a heartfelt and practical way, through increased resources and effective partnerships. This Master Class will look at the practical outworking of this mission, and key community leaders will teach, inspire and equip you with ideas, tools and vision to impact your community in a positive way.
We believe there is a multitude of people who God has gifted and strategically positioned to be leaders and influencers in the marketplace. Our Business Master Class aim is to give support to those actively involved in the business world as either owners or business professionals. This Master Class will bring insights and wisdom from leaders in ministry and industry to challenge and inspire you in your God-given ability.
Our focus at LIFE embraces a heart for the bigger picture of what God is doing, and wherever possible we will invest into helping the wider body of Christ. The Senior Pastors and Executive Team focus under our Kingdom Master Class, will continue to build on our heart to see the Senior Leaders of the Church in New Zealand and across the world developed and supported in all they carry.