Master Classes exist to provide inspired and practical teaching, specifically crafted to further you in your life stage, calling and design from God. These Master Classes reflect LIFE’s four focus model—Church, Community, Business and Kingdom—each carrying a commitment to build the local church and enable you to live out your unique calling.




Our programme is designed to excite, inspire and equip our children aged 1 to 10 years to live faith-led lives, knowing that they can face any situation with Jesus on their side. In their own dedicated venue, children will learn about God and engage in praise and worship just for them. This runs concurrently with the main conference.



Epic Conference is a dedicated space for anyone aged 11-18. Be part of the exciting atmosphere where young people experience world-class communicators that will inspire them to live connected, equipped and released to live a fulfilled life, with Christ revealing Himself in and through each individual.

Phone: +64 9 3064225
Conference phone hours: 9am - 4pm Mon-Fri
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