Master Classes exist to provide inspired and practical teaching, specifically crafted to further you in your life stage, calling and design from God. These Master Classes reflect LIFE’s four focus model—Church, Community, Business and Kingdom—each carrying a commitment to build the local church and enable you to live out your unique calling.

Master Classes are a part of the LIFE Conference programme and are included in your conference registration. With the exception of the Business Master Class, door sales at each Master Class are not available.

All Master Classes will be held either on site at LIFE Central, or a short walking distance at Auckland Boys Grammar School.



No matter your life stage, vocation or interest, the Church Master Class stream exists to provide practical teaching and encouragement to lead you in stewarding such a time as this.

This year, the Church Master Classes include a variety of topics spanning two-days, allowing you to personalise and curate your own programme to suit your unique area of influence.

Hosted by our LIFE team, the Church Master Classes cover topics of influence, relationships, personal development, communications, creative and worship ministry, youth and young adults ministry and leadership training.

Personal Development

Love and Marriage
Ps Tony & Kath Rainbow, Victory Church, AU
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 1

Find out how to establish, build and maintain a healthy marriage in spite of busy schedules.

Parenting On Purpose 
Nathaniel Kandregula (Parenting Place)
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 3

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to families. Learn strategies to equip and empower yourself as a parent no matter the age or stage of your children.

A Life of Influence
Ps Joel Cave, AUS
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 1

Whether you speak to hundreds weekly or have 10 followers on Facebook, we have all been entrusted with a unique mantle of influence. Learn how to identify and maximise your influence for greater growth and impact in every environment of life.

Leadership Development

Leading When You’re Not In Charge
Ps Luke de Jong, LIFE
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 2

The most influential leaders don’t always have the final say. Learn practical strategies on how to leverage your influence in supporting roles.

Leading with a Vision 
Ps Obed Martinez (Destiny Church, USA), Ps Mike Kai (Inspire Church, USA), Ps Mark Edwards (Cityhope Church, AUS)
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 1

Glean insights from Senior Pastors in this Q&A to find out how they identify and articulate vision, and craft strategy that leads people to discover their place in it.

Habits of an Effective Leader
Ps Tim Segedin, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 6

We are what we repeatedly do. Find out how discipline, routine and intentionality can transform you into an effective leader.

Eating the Compliment Sandwich
Ps Nadia Clark, LIFE
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 6

Find out how giving and receiving feedback is crucial to growth and how to effectively debrief with teams without walking on eggshells.

Finding Future Leaders 
Ps Coral Bond, LIFE
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 6

Discover how to identify, nurture and grow great leaders from the ground up.  

Ministry Development

Welcome Home: Pathways for New People 
Ollie Nelson, LIFE
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 6

People are our priority. Find out how our NEXT STEPS pathway has helped hundreds of people make LIFE their home through encouraging connection to small groups and serving on teams.

Effective Communication for Public Speaking
Ps Scott Thornton, LIFE
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 7

Public speaking doesn’t need to be intimidating. Regardless of your experience, learn techniques for effective public speaking and communication.

Love Sundays: How We Do Church 
Ps Luke de Jong, Ps Matt Linton & Ps Tim Segedin, LIFE
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 1

Join us for this Q&A with our Key LIFE team to gain insight into the planning, preparation and outworking of the biggest day of the week – Sunday.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence 
Louise de Marigny, LIFE Leadership College
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 7

Discover how to foster a healthy culture that encourages excellence without falling into the trap of pursuing perfection.

Global Impact

To The Ends of the Earth
B-rad du Jary, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 7

God’s heart for humanity knows no geographical boundaries. Be encouraged by stories of impact through global missions.

The Persecuted Church
The Open Doors Team
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 7

245 million Christians are persecuted for their faith in the top 50 countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus, but God is still building his church. Join the Open Doors team and be encouraged with stories of faith and breakthrough in some of the darkest places in the world.

Worship, Creative & Production

Creativity Without Limits
Ps Nadia Clark, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 2

Learn how to maximise your creative input and output without falling victim to burnout.

Preparing for the Prophetic
Kim Walker-Smith, USA
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 2

Discover how Kim Walker-Smith brings a prophetic edge to everything that she does both on and off the stage.

Good Vibes: Creating an Atmosphere
Geneva Wilson, Dan Cotton, Sam Witherspoon (LIFE)
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 2

Creating an atmosphere of faith requires intentionality. Hear from LIFE’s key worship and production team on the building blocks of how faith-building moments are created.

Youth & Young Adults Ministry

Today’s Youth
Ps Peter Toganivalu, Hillsong Australia
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 3

The youth of today will be the generation that changes the world. Find out how to craft effective strategies for engaging with youth in the ever-changing landscape of our culture.

Engaging a Generation
Ps Dan Ackermann, LIFE
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 3

Go beyond “infotainment” to generate authentic engagement with the youth and young adults of today.

Ask Us Anything: Youth & Young Adults Ministry
Ps Dan Ackermann, Oliver Nelson, Lily Hansen, Chelsea Graveson (LIFE)
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 3

Ever wanted to know how LIFE builds meaningful community among Young Adults or how we manage the safety and security of teens at our youth events? Join some of the key team for a Q&A on the inner workings of our Youth & Young Adults ministry.

Kids Ministry

Strong Foundations for the Future
Ps Tim Segedin, LIFE 
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 4

Discover the fundamentals of a flourishing children’s programme and how to foster an environment that changes and grows as your ministry does.

Behind the Scenes: Adventure Kids
Ps Lionel Thysse, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 4

Get a behind the scenes look into LIFE’s Adventure Kids facilities with a site walkthrough, and discover the inner workings of our Children’s Ministry.

Fun and Faith
Ps Lionel Thysse (LIFE) & Ps Sharon Forman (City Impact Church)
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 4

Our Kids Ministry is built on the foundations of children loving church. Find out how we fun and faith go hand in hand with crafting a significant kids ministry event.

Ask Us Anything: Adventure Kids
Ps Lionel Thysse, Ps Crystal Stewart, Ps Rosie Herald (LIFE) & Ps Sharon Forman (City Impact Church)
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 4

How do you effectively care for and pastor kids when there are so many ages and stages, demands and expectations? Find out answers to this and more at this Q&A with our Adventure Kids team and Ps Sharon Forman from City Impact Church.

Creative Communications & Media

Once Upon a Time: The Power of Storytelling 
Craig Henderson & Abe Raffills, LIFE
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 5

Good stories move people. Find out how LIFE TV and the LIFE Film & TV team use storytelling to inspire action, and how a turn a good story into a great one.

Building Brands: Think, Feel, Do
Jamie Wong, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April - Room: Church 5

What do people think of when they hear your name? Discover how building brand experiences in corporate, church or personal settings can be the catalyst for growth.

Selling the Dream 
Jamie Wong, LIFE
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April - Room: Church 5

An idea is only as good as how you communicate it. Find out how to pitch big picture ideas and get decision-makers to adopt and advocate for your creative ideas.

Something from Nothing: Bringing Ideas to Life
Abe Raffills, Diane Pantoja, Caleb Mays, Jamie Wong (LIFE)
2.15pm, Friday 25 April - Room: Church 5

Constraints can make us more creative. Find out how the LIFE Film & TV, Design & Communication teams journey an idea for concept to creation in light of limitations.


We are all called to bring hope to the hopeless and light to dark places. Whether you’re involved in a government agency, not-for-profit, community organisation, or just want to be more effective in “loving your neighbour”, this Master Class is designed to equip you for greater impact in your community.

Day 1: Innovative Thinking: Starting From Here.

Scaling Up/Scaling Down
Lili Lemalu (LIFE) & Bill Peace (STRIVE)
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

A strong initiative that meets a real human need in an innovative, unique and ownable way shouldn’t rely on size to be enduring. In fact, if your organisation is offering something really valuable it must be effective at an individual level before it can be scaled and be impactful at a city-wide or nationwide level; the key prerequisite will always be innovation.

The Power of Having a Go
Coral Bond and Ned Soe, LIFE
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

We understand the power of a well-intentioned interpersonal interaction: a kind word, a loving hug, a hot meal or an act of forgiveness. Similarly, a community initiative that’s born from compassion and a God-inspired idea can also carry this same power, impacting whānau and entire communities - what’s holding you back?

Day 2: Influencing to Impact, Now

Engaging Church with Community 
Craig Clark (LIFE) with Dave Cuthers (New Zealand Police)
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April

For many in the church, there is a cry in their hearts to see the resources of the church utilised more overtly and practically in our surrounding communities for ‘the other six days of the week.’ Our role as leaders can simply be to introduce pathways to our congregation to our existing array of community initiatives or present the more entrepreneurial with opportunities to create sustainable, profitable models for social enterprise of benefit to both church and community.

Leading & Influencing Volunteers
Craig Clark with Tim Segedin & Lili Lemalu (LIFE)
2.15, Thursday 25 April

Ever come across someone who is so passionate and focused on changing the world? Their passion is undoubtedly infectious but can also be difficult to handle. Our role as leaders is to learn ways to harness this passion and channel into the bigger picture. Come and spend time with our panel as they share insights and experience on how get the best out of passionate individuals.


Those who are called to the business world can provide a pathway to empower change. Whether you’re a business owner or professional involved in a start-up, small to medium business or large multi-national company, the Business Master Class stream will provide practical input and empower you to be faith-filled in your field. You will hear from influential business leaders who demonstrate how faith provides an advantage to win in business.

Day 1: Purpose Driven Business: Know Why You are Here, Now

Wiebbe Bonsink, NED
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

High-performance organisational culture relies not just on strong leadership and teams but also on a universal understanding of mission. Learn how to discover increased alignment, passion and drive by having everyone in your organisation truly own the “Why”: your vision and mission. 

The WHY makes the difference
Ps Joel Holm, USA
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

Often our focus on the tactical and the urgent can mean short-term wins while putting at risk the realisation of why we are called to business in the first place. Learn how to clarify, articulate and then clearly communicate your true reason for being within your organisation for long-term, sustainable success.


Day 2: Spirit-Led Business – Involving God Here, Now

Maximising Moments
Paul de Jong, LIFE 
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April

The decisions we make today will affect our path tomorrow. Learn how God can lead, direct, prompt and challenge us in every moment to greater levels of success and influence than we could ever hope to achieve by relying on our own giftings, experience and human wisdom.

Leading while Being Led
Mark Greaney (NZ Facilitators, Organisation Development Consultant)
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April

Our position on the organisational chart should not be a determinant of our level of influence. Rather, being open to hearing from God about your specific area of responsibility as well as the wider mandate of the organisation, positions you to speak prophetically and empower those around you to see God’s purposes outworked.


For Senior Leaders and Executive Teams

Our Kingdom Master Class is crafted to provide a refreshing and invigorating environment for Senior Leaders, with honest and insightful interactive teaching to set you up to run your race with longevity and wisdom.

Day 1: Leading the Now

The challenges of leadership both toward the vision and developing the NOW can be tricky. Together we’ll explore this necessary combination of tomorrows destination and today’s reality.

Vision Reality, Clarity & Practicality
Ps Paul de Jong & Joel Holm
1.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

An effective senior leader understands how important it is to balance a big vision with the clarity and language to help everyone grasp a hold of it. We’ll look at the how-to’s of vision in every season of ministry.

Pick Your Pain
Ps Charlotte Gambill
2.15pm, Wednesday 24 April

The Bible warns us that we will have trouble and that pain is inevitably part of our journey. If not managed well, our pain can isolate us but the right mindset and response can release us into the fullness of God’s plan. Find out how to pick your pain and see victory through areas of discomfort.

Day 2: Spiritual Maturity Reduces Pressure

Continual growth is essential as a Senior Pastor, with your deepening reliance and relationship with God aiding your management of pressure and challenge.

Strategic Spirituality: Producing Empowered & Presenced Leaders
Joel Holm
1.15pm, Thursday 25 April

Our leaders’ and teams’ ability to be in tune with the vision, leadership and the Holy Spirit will ultimately impact how effective our ministries are. We will take time to discuss how best we can empower those under us to remain effective and on the right track.

Leadership Maturity Determines Ministry Momentum
Ps Paul de Jong
2.15pm, Thursday 25 April

Ministry can rise and fall on the maturity of a leader, and our level of surrender and wisdom affects those we lead. Together we’ll discuss how we can continue to grow as leaders, as well as answer the questions you have around wisdom, discernment and how to constantly build momentum.

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